DQS – Your certification partner

For almost 35 years, DQS has been standing for the further development of management systems and processes with impartial audits and certifications. Founded in 1985 as the first certifier for management systems in Germany, DQS is now one of the leaders in the industry. Accreditations and approvals for about 100 nationally and internationally recognised standards and regulations represent competence and reliability.

Worldwide the DQS operates 2,500 highly qualified auditors: in organizations of all sizes and sectors, on more than 100,000 days a year. They give the „Audit Company“ a face, speak its language and know its challenges from their own experience. With this expert knowledge on equal terms, they pursue the goal of giving impulses for improvement potential in addition to pure conformity assessment.
The cooperation with the IT Security Cluster has existed since 2012 as part of the regulatory objective setting and certification of information security standards.


DQS GmbH Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen August-Schanz-Straße 21 • 60433 Frankfurt am Main informationssicherheit@dqs.de • www.dqs.de